Attempt to smash world record while suspended at 10,000 feet

This weekend Wellington Ambulance Officer and pilates instructor, Anna Cochrane, will attempt a world record static trapeze performance 10,000 feet above Canterbury while suspended under a hot air balloon.  And it's not only about breaking a world record but also will raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Zealand. 12661810_1108354349176861_5957628664702359002_n Last year Anna performed the highest aerial hoop routine suspended from a paraglider over Queenstown. This was a world first, however there was no category within the Guinness World Records. This Saturday (13 February), to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters, she intends to go a lot higher and make it official. For more about the Give a Little Campaign visit: Anna said the project had been in the back of her mind for years. "Having it in the Guinness Book of Records has created a clear goal but I would probably do it anyway. I need to do this." There is an existing world record set for the highest static trapeze act performed 2172 feet high by American woman Amanda Vicharelli in China in 2008. In order to surpass it, Cochrane is aiming to perform at 10,000 feet harnessed from a hot air balloon for at least five minutes.12644668_951071008308772_3164582023497498674_n "It's quite a long time to stay on a piece of equipment like that," she says. While she has studied circus aerial performance the trapeze is new to her and she has already spent about nine months training. She has developed a five-minute routine and is working to perform it at least three times consecutively, to allow for the additional challenge of performing at altitude.
 And at the conclusion, she plans to skydive back to earth.
"To me it makes sense. If you're going to get that high, you might as well jump." To be assessed by the Guinness World Record team, Anna will need to submit a variety of different forms of evidence including a complete video of her performance. It has become a massive project, she said and would not have been possible without the generous support of her sponsors:

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