Our Programmes

Big Brothers Big Sisters matches children ages of 6 through to 18 with mentors in professionally supported one-to-one relationships. Depending on the location of the Big Brothers Big Sisters agency, there are a variety of volunteer opportunities available1.

Community-Based Mentoring

Community-based Mentoring is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship. It’s all about the volunteer and the young person spending one-on-one time together doing things they both enjoy - a few hours, a couple of times a month.  Learn more>>

School-Based Mentoring

Volunteer Big Brothers and Big Sisters matched in our school-based programme meet their Little Brothers or Little Sisters at school, a few times a month over the course of the academic year. During lunch or after school, mentors and the young person may play on the playground, swap stories, work on homework or simply sit and talk, among other activities. It’s not about being a tutor; it’s about being a friend. Learn more >>

NZSL Mentoring Programme

We are currently developing a New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) mentoring programme –this announcement can be viewed in NZSL here. This programme will connect deaf children with a mentor, using New Zealand Sign Language as the primary mode of communication. Most deaf children are born to hearing parents, and a deaf child is often the only deaf person in a family. Connecting with another person like themselves, using the natural language of deaf people, creates the space to explore their identity as a deaf person, develop their confidence when communicating, and also to observe and adopt strategies commonly used by Deaf adults. Learn more >>

Making the Match

A lot of things have to happen before we make a match. After they express an interest in our volunteer opportunities, all our mentors go through a thorough background check and careful interview process. Then we make the match between the volunteer and the young person based on location, personalities and preferences. And we provide full support for our volunteer programmes along the way – so that matches can grow into lasting friendships. More info on volunteering>> Volunteer now>> 1Volunteer options vary by community. For more information on the volunteer options available near you click here to receive region specific information.