Nancy and Erika

Nancy has been matched with her Little Sister Erika for nearly two years now. Nancy is an avid gardener, and has started a small vegie garden for Erika at her home as part of a project that they can do together. Part of this project was growing plants from seeds, and as there were many seedlings left, Nancy offered them to Erika’s Mum. She had no knowledge of gardening, so Nancy showed her how to plant a garden, and as the weeks went by Erika’s four sisters got involved. Eventually, each child had a garden patch at home, with some wonderful vegetables being produced, and even competitions about who could produce the best veg! As Erika’s Mum is a single parent with five children at home, this is a wonderful way of creating food for her family, PLUS a great hobby that she can do with her children. Another wonderful by-product for this family for being involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters.