To recruit, vett, train and professionally supervise a volunteer Big Brother or Big Sister in their mentoring  match, costs less than your daily coffee.

$5.90 a day is all it takes.

Your gift, whether it's a 'coffee shout' at just a few dollars or something larger, will change a child's life.

Ways to give: Credit Card | Internet banking | Cheque | Automatic Payment | Payroll GivingBequests



No matter how much you give, your contribution will make a Big difference to the lives of young people in New Zealand.

Your donation will help them to meet the challenges of growing up into happy, confident young adults.

Big Brothers Big Sisters featured in a recent Z Good in the Hood promotional videos. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters is regularly part of the Good in the Hood campaign and we are grateful to Z Energy and all our voters!


1Big Brothers Big Sisters is registered with the Charities Commission - registration # CC32216.  All donations over $5 are eligible for a tax rebate, up to the amount of your taxable income, qualifying for a tax credit of 33⅓% of the amount of the gift.